Added new Tutorials on Kantian models and on the MPDD Format

A short tutorial on using the new format called Moral Planning Domain Definition has been put online. It can be checked out here. The format has first been used in our Paper Moral Permissibility of Action Plans (PDF). It generalizes our former approach in that it allows sequences of actions, i.e., action plans, to be specified. It supports events (a.k.a. timed exogeneous actions) and conditional effects to describe more complex iinteractions between the agent’s actions and nature’s actions. Moreover, it supports descriptions of intrinsic moral value of actions, utility of facts, and positive and negative effects on particular moral patients. This way, descriptions in the MPDD format can be evaluated using all ethical principles currently implemented in HERA.

Apart from that, a tutorial on Kantian causal agency models has been added as an introduction to a Kantian variation of our original utility-based causal agency models. However, in the long run, the MPDD format as a generalization of both former kinds of causal agency models will be the preferred format to be used and considered in further developments of HERA.