The goal of the HERA (Hybrid Ethical Reasoning Agents) project is to provide novel, theoretically well-founded and practically usable machine ethics tools for implementation in physical and virtual moral agents such as (social) robots and software bots. The research approach is to use advances in formal logic and modelling as a bridge between artificial intelligence and recent work in analytical ethics and political philosophy .


Martin Mose Bentzen, Technical University of Denmark
Felix Lindner, Ulm University

Levels of Analysis

 Ethical PrinciplesCasesJudgment
Natural Language and Natural ReasoningSometimes explicitly adhered to, often implicitlyDescribed in philosophical literature, by professionals, in novels etc.Based on intuitions, emotions, informed by principles
Logical FormalizationLogical models of principles from ethical literatureLogical models of casesJudgment reached via model of logical reasoning
Software ImplementationAlgorithmic models of principles based on logical reasoningFormal representations of casesAI Reasoning methods